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1. Pre-Design

“Decide what to build and how to build it.”


  • Listen to our clients’ visions, needs, and goals of the project.

  • Identify both the opportunities and constraints of the site or multiple sites.

  • Develop a preliminary sketch with Associated preliminary budget.


2. Schematic Design

“Develop the Project Concepts”


  • Prepare initial project Design Concepts via drawings and or models

  • Work with client to achieve An approved design concept.

  • Update the preliminary budget.


3. Design Development

“Refine the Project”


  • Add detail to the plans and elevations. Create cross-sections and define the interior spaces.

  • Refine the design until design is approved.

  • Update the preliminary budget with a local contractor.


4. Construction Documents

“Detail the Project and Provide the Specifications.”


  • Prepare the detailed drawings and specifications necessary to bid and construct the project.

  • Typical drawings would include site drawings, plans, elevations, cross-sections, details, structural; plumbing, electrical and mechanical drawings. Schedules would include door, window and interior finishes.


5. Construction Bidding and Contracts

“Hire the Contractor”


  • Assist the client and contractor selection.

  • Did the construction documents of the project with a single or multiple contractors.

  • Negotiate and verify submitted bids with contractors.


6. Construction Administration

“Bringing the Project to Life”


  • Observe construction work for quality and conformance to the bid documents.

  • Process the contractors shop drawings, samples and payment applications.

  • Administer project closeout punch list and warranties.


Engaging in a project can be overwhelming and uncertain. At AADI, our clients are an integral part of the process. Therefore, we go out of our way to ensure our clients are informed and engaged throughout the life of the project. As your design professional, we provide a roadmap of how to navigate the process from concept to completion.

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